Our Services

Our home inspections are performed with great care and attention to detail.

Buyer's Inspections

Our full residential property inspection is a detailed evaluation of the home’s readily accessible and visible components. Expect to receive a convenient digital inspection report within 24 hours of the completed service.

Pre-Listing Inspections

When we’re brought in to inspect a home before it’s listed for sale, it gives us a chance to diagnose previously unknown deficiencies at the most ideal time. A Buyer’s Inspection is ultimately going to reveal these deficiencies anyway, but when you’re made aware of the issues before negotiations begin, you can schedule repairs and maintenance to help ensure that a transaction proceeds smoothly.

New Construction Inspections

This inspection service is a comprehensive evaluation of new home construction. When scheduled prior to the builder’s final walkthrough, it will bring defective areas of construction to light so that the buyer can seek out ways to protect their interests before officially closing on the home.

Commercial Property Inspections

Our inspectors are fully qualified to conduct inspections of light and heavy commercial properties, including strip malls, storefronts, restaurants, industrial facilities, warehouses, and much more. We’ll take our time to thoroughly assess the condition of the entire property, clearly explaining the defects we discovered so that you’re able to properly plan for final negotiations.

Radon Testing

Radon measurement is an important inspection service to schedule for any prospective home-buyer. Many radon hotspots are yet to be discovered, and although radon gas naturally occurs underground, that doesn’t make it any less dangerous. Radon is a known carcinogen, and our team is determined to help protect our clients by using cutting-edge equipment to test homes for unsafe levels of radon gas.

Wdo / Termite Inspections

Wood-destroying organisms can inflict serious damage to the structure of a home, and it’s important to have the property inspected for termite damage before you make a buying decision. We’ll assess each readily accessible structural component, identifying previous termite damage if present, as well as looking for any signs of an active termite problem.

Water Testing

For this inspection service, water samples are collected from the well sourcing the home and the tap. These samples are promptly sent off to a local specialist that will analyze the water for evidence of contamination. The contaminants that the water will be tested for include lead and other heavy metals, coliform bacteria, nitrates, nitrites, and more.

Mold Testing

Mold inside a home is problematic for a number of reasons, the most pressing of which concerns the health of residents and potential damage to building materials. Mold follows moisture, and if there is water in the walls or the ceilings, then that can be a major issue—not to mention, mold spores can cause persistent allergies. We’re able to comprehensively inspect and test a home for the presence of mold, taking samples from the air and surfaces as necessary for testing at a local laboratory.

Well Flow Testing

For this inspection service, we’ll conduct a pressure test on the well servicing the home. This will indicate to us whether or not the water supply is adequate for the home’s needs, an important piece of information to have before you make a final buying decision.

Septic Inspection

For this inspection service, a comprehensive evaluation of the property’s septic system is carried out. The process includes a detailed examination of the septic tank and its functionality. The inspection also encompasses a flow test to assess the system’s capacity to manage wastewater effectively. The results of this inspection are compiled in a comprehensive report, offering insights and recommendations for maintenance or necessary repairs to ensure the system’s optimal performance.