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At Hearthstone Inspection Services, we are proud to offer a comprehensive suite of services with Hearthstone Home Inspections, Old House Home Inspectors, and EQ Inspections, to meet your diverse property needs. Hearthstone Home Inspections provides thorough inspections for homes of any size, style, or condition, offering detailed analyses of structural and mechanical components to inform responsible buying decisions. Old House Home Inspectors specializes in assessing older homes, leveraging deep knowledge of historical construction techniques and materials to identify unique issues in properties with rich histories. EQ Inspections focuses on environmental quality testing, including mold, well flow, and radon testing, to ensure the health and safety of your living space by maintaining clean air and water. Together, these branches of Hearthstone Inspection Services deliver a wide range of services designed to protect your investment and well-being in any home.

25+ Years Experience

The number of home inspections that we’ve performed over the past 25+ years reaches into the tens of thousands—we are seasoned experts who are committed to excellence, and we prioritize the success of our clients every step of the way.

Trusted & Respected

We’re proud to have the most trusted and highly respected team of home inspectors in the area, thanks in large part to our rigorous in-house training and strong focus on continual skill development.

Thorough Services

To ensure that you have every bit of knowledge you could possibly need, we offer a full array of services in addition to our standard home inspections—this includes Radon Testing, Termite Inspections, Mold Testing, and many others.

Countless Positive Reviews

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